Snore defense anti snoring mouth guard safe instant snoring relief mouthpiece

  • Safe – no drugs, no pills, no decongestants
  • Easy – just put it on and the snoring is gone
  • Effective – instant snoring relief
  • Affordable – no expensive physician visits
  • Optimal mouth comfort ensured by soft rubber material
  • Breakthrough technology letting your mouth move freely
  • Works immediately – out of the bag and in your mouth!

Snore Defense is really effective! Many of you have been disappointed by products that do not deliver the promised results . You have probably tried breathing strips, pillows and chinstraps to get rid of the snoring. Most of those methods are ineffective because they don’t tackle the problem in the right way- they ignore the fact that snoring occurs in the back of the throat. The secret behind Snore Defense’s effectiveness is that it gently lifts the lower jaw through its innovative approach. As a result the airspace in the back of the throat is widened. As the vibration of the surrounding soft tissues is eliminated. This is how the problem with loud snoring is solved.